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WAKO TRADE COMPANY LIMITED | Health/Environment Division

Project Planning & Development Division

This division handles the products which are specialized for environmental and health.

"Health" and "Environment" that is one's first concern for Japan today. To contribute to this big proposition even a little, Wako trade also descends the effort repeatedly. First of all, we paid attention from the desire that health has been sourced from food to approach to "Brown rice". It was succeeded to remove the agricultural chemicals from the original rice in the technology that used the patent manufacturing method to improve the trait of a good brown rice for the body further. (Details are www.genmaism.com.) Moreover, we tries to develop the commodity that uses the material made from the earth friendly one for the environment such as "Abizas Spray" that prevent corrosion progressing is offered.

Contact: +81-3-5434-2942


Fiber Brown rice & Super Brown rice

The Brown rice of Softly, Delicious, No rinsed rice, High digestive absorption, Agricultural chemicals removal, are produced by the patent technology that has 6000 atmospheric pressure the rice to condense the alimentary fiber.

Apizas Spray

    Apizas (mildew-proofing, Antifungus agent)
  • 1. The effective range is wide. antibacterial spectrum (397 types).
  • 2. The effect is demonstrated by a small amount of addition.
  • 3. There is little decrease in the effective because of non-outflow system medicine.
  • 4. High safety solution.
  • 5. An excellent in durability and stabilizes chemically.
  • 6. It is wide uses in a variety of commodity systems like the powder system, the water system, the moisture scatter system, and the solvent system, etc.
  • 7. No reduction discoloration and the transparency.

  Spec:  Powder, water, moisture, solvent.
  Feature:  Wide effective range, Antibacterial spectrum